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Green technology is a phrase that means environmentally friendly science that works to maintain an ecosystem instead of tearing it down. Green technology can also be used to build up our surroundings as well. This type of technology is included on buildings, automobiles, homes and in many products that are in use today.


Green technology is not limited to just the products and buildings that people use on a daily basis. It also is used to describe the practices that people use to generate and to consume power and resources. Other practices such as recycling and reusing products fall under the category of green technology as well. There are many benefits of green technology but five rules related to this science stand out the most. These rules are sustainability, design, source reduction, innovation and viability.


Sustainability is the process of conversing resources. People can conserve resources by using them in such a way that they will not deplete or damage them. This is necessary for helping future generations of people to have the resources they will need.

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Product design is a necessary part of green technology. Products are now being designed in such a way that they can be reused once they serve their purpose as opposed to being completely thrown out. This is a great way for people to get the best use of out disposable products and other items that are designed to last for years.


Source reduction is part of green technology that utilizes practices such as waste reduction and eliminating pollution while producing products. This process is also useful for controlling pollution and emissions that are a part of the manufacturing process.


Innovation is often needed to change the way that people rely on fossil fuels. While fossil based fuels are critical to our society, economy and daily life; they are also responsible for damaging our environment and people health. Finding new forms of alternative energy eliminates fossil fuel exposure.


Viability is probably the most critical factor in green technology. The truth is that a green friendly process or product must be useful enough for the environment. If if cannot be used in a way that provides benefit to consumers than it is practically useless.


This means that a specific green processes and products must have the ability to generate economic activity and they must be practical for use by many organizations and people. Also, a culture must be built up around a particular green technology to make it last. If not it will not be around for a very long time.


Over the years, Earth’s environment has undergone a radical transformation. The planet has changed drastically in just the past century. The polar ice caps are melting, the ozone layer is being depleted and people’s health and well being has been hampered by a failing environment. People can help to preserve the land, trees, water system and food sources through the use of green technology.


Individual lives can also be directly transformed by many of these processes. By integrating structures, vehicles and products with green technology; people will be able to live within a cleaner and healthier world. Ultimately, green technology is more than just a science it is also a way of life for millions of people across the globe.