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When a person’s car breaks down they cannot just leave it on the side of the road. It can put other vehicles in dangers. If a person is broken down they can call the tow truck pompano beach. This truck can hook up the vehicle on the flatbed and bring it to the repair shop or other location for service. Tow trucks are also used to impound vehicles where the owner owes their finance company money or to remove vehicles that are parked illegally.

Brief History

Tow trucks date back to 1916 and were invented by Earnest Homles Sr. He was able to put together a device to remove cars. The first tow truck was able to do the work of six men. Once he was able to improve and perfect the design the first tow truck was sold.

There are some common types of two trucks that are used. The type of tow truck needed will depend on the situation as well as the size of the vehicle.

Boom Truck

This tow truck service pompano beach  has an adjustable boom winch that is used to remove vehicles that have gone down a ditch or embankment. They can be lowered to remove the vehicle without causing additional damage.

Hook and Chain24 hour emergency towing

This tow trucks have changes that are able to wrap around a vehicle and the boom will lift them up. This can be used to tow vehicle that have been damaged due to being in an accident or has trouble with the tires.

Wheel Lift

This tow trucks is a set up from the hook and chain. A metal yoke is put under the tire of the vehicle and a hydraulic hoist will lift up the vehicle slightly so that it is able to be towed. Only the tires of the vehicle will be touched with this lift.


The truck has a bed so that it can be moved to ground level and vehicles can be lifted up onto the flatbed. This is commonly used to tow cars that are illegally parked. There is no need to hook up the vehicle with chains and loops. It is quick and easy to more the vehicle with this type of tow truck.


These are the trucks that are often used during repossessions. There is a boom and a wheel life in the same unit. There are controls inside the cab so the vehicle can be moved quickly and easily.

Tow Truck Companies

Many tow truck companies are privately owned and operated. They are called upon by insurance companies, private individuals, or businesses that need to have a car moved. Each state has different regulations for operating tow trucks. Tow trucks can also be called upon by the police to remove cars in case of an accident.

This is just some common information about tow trucks. They can be used to remove disabled vehicles and those that are parked where they should not be. Tow trucks are large enough to safely remove cars and trucks without causing additional damage.