The education of a plumber

Plumbers are required to learn many jobs before they get a license to be a plumber. They must know how to fix leaking faucets and keep an inventory of different washers. They must be schooled in water heater replacement. They must know how to replace faucets and shower heads. They need to know about sewer tanks and how to clean or replace them. A plumber must know how to unclog drains and pipes. He must know how to replace all the pipes when asked for new plumbing lines. He knows how to repair sewer pipe and even how to coat the pipe with an inner pipe to solve damage problems. The services performed by a plumber include but are not limited to:

  1. Sewer Line Cleaning, replacement, repair
  2. Drain Cleaning
  3. Toilet clog cleaning
  4. Kamode repair, replace, or installation
  5. Main Water Line repair or replacement
  6. Sewer pumps repair or replacement
  7. Dishwasher installation, repair or replacement
  8. Damaged Drain Pipe Repair or replacement
  9. Gas or Electric Water Heater repair or replacement
  10. Garbage Disposal repair or replacement
  11. Complete re-piping using copper or pex pipe
  12. Fixture and Faucet Repair or replace


The plumber johns creek has new tools now for a new technology called pex plumbing. Pex pipe is flexible like a garden hose but has the strength of copper tubing to handle high water pressure. Many older homes had steel pipes installed in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Those pipes need to be replaced and pex is the perfect economical way to re-pipe those old homes. Because of the small and flexible nature of pex pipe the lines can be pulled through the walls along the path of old plumbing and if that doesn’t work can be easily concealed o the outside of walls. The labor for pex pipe installation is about 10% of the cost copper installation and the pex pipe is cheaper than copper.

Another relatively new Johns Creek plumbing service is cured in place pipe repair or CIPP for short. CIPP is used for chemical , sewer, water, and gas applications. The most common use in residential plumbing is sewer repair. A tube is pulled through the pipe that has a double membrane wall. This is called a resin tube liner. Then a chemical is pumped into the membrane forcing it to line the pipe. After lining the pipe the new material must be cured with UV light, steam, or sometimes hot water. When the process is over a new plastic pipe has formed inside the old pipe. It is a pipe within a pipe.

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